Monday, February 13, 2017

I Want a Stylish Life

Tricks to a Stylish Life
Lazy and Sloppy NO More!

  1. Try to use your best things on a daily basis.
      Saving things for later doesn't work for later rarely comes.
  2. Buy the best quality that you can afford.
      Skip the quantity, a lot of the time it's just more, and not all that good.
  3. Buy only what you need.
      Make yourself wait a day to buy something, and skip the impulse buy.
  4. Lets bring back some formality.
      A greeting, a handwritten letter or even holding the door for someone, can make there day.
  5. Overdress rather than under dress to events.
      Casual can be sloppy and lazy. You want to honor the People for the celebration.
  6. Get a positive attitude for food and enjoy it.
      Treat food as a pleasure, and pleasure is not fast food.
  7. Skip snacking and the calories with it. Have meal times and stick to them.
      How eloquent can you look shoveling in a bag of chips at midnight?
  8. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, or walk to the store rather than drive, everyday.
       Building in your exercise with your daily routine cuts down on time at the gym.
  9.  Fill your downtime with things other than TV.
       So many things to see and do, and then there is other things to talk about.
 10. Clean out your closet, get rid of all ill-fitting or unflattering things.
       If you don't love it, it should go.
 11. Don't wear damaged items, get rid of them.
       Check all angles, sometimes there is a rip at the back end that we may not notice.
 12. Wear things that make you perceived the right way and of who you are.
       Choose your clothing to reflect you in the best light and for what you do daily.
 13. Match your makeup and hair to your style and time you are willing to spend doing it.
       If you don't have an hour to work on yourself every morning, your hair style and make-up
       choice should not be a style that dictates that.
 14. Put yourself together everyday, even the stay in days.
       Simplify your routine, yet it should convey effortless confidence. You alone are worth it!
 15. Your skin care routine for body and face should be one of your most important routines.
       Perfect skin is a sign of health and of being well kept, no make-up can hide everything.
 16. Never sneak out un-presentable.
       The day you do, will be the day five people you know will be at the grocery store.
 17. Don't allow yourself to be lax in your routine to be presentable.
       Everyday a simple routine brightens your mood, and makes you ready at a moments
 18. Skip the frumpy even when your home alone.
       You are worth all of it.
 19. If you bought the clothing item, wear it, or get rid of it.
       Unload the whoops I bought and its not me, or I never lost the weight clothing.
 20. Use the good dishes on a regular basis.
       Presentation of the food is a step up in the luxury and satisfaction of the food.
 21. Use good posture.
       To slump is sloppy.
 22. De-clutter your home, of all the clutter.
       Anything you don't love or that is out of place is clutter, who is happy surrounded by 
 23. You should never be embarrassed of how your home looks, ever.
       Keep it up to a level, all the time.
 24. Pick up the icky right away.
       You don't need to look at it again and deal with it.
 25. Make a shopping list for all that you need.
       Don't get anything not on the list. You don't need to keep up with the Jones.
 26. Be yourself, just don't tell your business to everyone.
       It is OK that not everyone you know or meet knows all about you.
 27. Silence is good, listen to others.
       Awkward silence is not a bad thing, get comfortable in it.
 28. Get your kicks out of unpredictable conversations.
       Talk about anything that is not your life story.
 29. Don't ask people what they do for a living it is impolite.
       That is like asking for there tax return and how much they make.
 30. Skip the gossip on others.
       It is cheapening to your character.
 31. Take the compliment, and just say thank you.
       Be proud to get a compliment, stay away from shooting it down.
 32. Don't underplay your accomplishments.
       But skip bragging.
 33. Not all conversations need to have a grand substance to them.
       Sometimes the simplest of conversations can go far in a calm satisfying day.
 34. Remember nobody wants to listen to only your crap all the time, even your closest 
       Mix it up, its not always about you.
 35. Play some music to get your mood lifted.
       Changing the station, can change your mood.
 36. Even with your significant other, stop sharing some of the tooth brushing, eyebrow 
       plucking, and other maintenance things, and keeping those to yourself.
       Your just always that wonderful looking, can help keep some intrigue alive.