Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What Hair Tools do I Need?

Your Needed Tools for Glamour Hair 

Hot Tools
The Blow Dryer -
This is the most used tool, worth the investment you make. The Proper dryer can cut drying time, save your hair from extra heat as well as add shine.
Look for a dryer with at least 1800 watts of output or more, with a tourmaline or ceramic (covers the heating coils and adds a layer of protection against heat damage), and don't forget the ionic (pulls the water out faster, flattens the cuticle and adds more shine).

Curling Iron/ Flat Iron-
Get some special effects, also great for touching up a day after style or air dried hair.
Both a curling iron ( pulling through hair rather than winding around for a straightening effect) and a flat iron (twist the iron and wrap the hair, like curling a ribbon with scissor motion, for curl) can straighten or curl the hair with high heat. Don't skimp, go for one with a ceramic coating and a setting for heat to adjust for your hair type (thinner hair needs less heat than courser hair).

Brushes to have 
Paddle Brush- A fabulous detangler and to use prior to washing to take out some extra product. Blow-dry with a paddle brush to take out at least 50% of the wetness prior to using a round brush.
Go for a nylon type that wont pull at the hair with ventilation slots to aid in the drying process.

Round Brush- 
Nylon bristles grab the hair best when blowdrying, let the brush heat up from the blowdryer to smooth or curl the hair. A ceramic coating will help with heat prevention and keep the cuticle of the hair down causing less frizziness. The most used size is a 1 - 2 inch in diameter, but if you have short hair you may want to stay on the smaller side, and longer hair on the larger side so that the hair wraps easily without getting knotted around the brush.

Smoothing Brush- 
Used on dry hair always, to smooth out the hair as well as spread your natural oils from your scalp throughout the hair adding shine. The Smoothing brush is combination of synthetic stiff bristles and natural boar usually on a wood or plastic base. Great to use after a blow dry for soft looking hair, or volume if you toss your head upside-down. Smoothing out top layer of teased hair with this brush works perfectly keeping a gloss look outside but not taking away your lift from teasing underneath.

Wide Tooth Comb- Great separating curls in a style as well as for detangling when hair is wet.

Fine Tooth Comb- For getting the hair completely tangle free, creating partings and after applying a styling product in wet hair to make sure its evenly distributed.

Teasing Comb- Made up of off-set teeth on the comb with moderate spacing. Use it to back comb hair one or two inches from scalp to add volume.

Don't forget
A few hair clips to separate hair and get out of your way, bobby pins to tuck and place, hair bands to tie it up, and a few barrette types to place for a look here and there.