Monday, February 6, 2017

Causes of Dark Circles and the Remedy...

Are YOU Hounded by Dark Circles?
There are three types of dark circles. The ones that we occasionally get,  hereditary, and simply a sign of the aging process at work.

Causes of Dark Circles and the Remedy...

Occasional dark circles are usually, from simple factors such as lack of sleep, dehydration, allergy, or too much consumption of certain substances, such as caffeine and alcohol. These dark circles are temporary and can be remedied simple altering our intake or some sleep and hydrating of the under eye area. Use a moisture eye treatment with peptides to stimulate the blood flow and clear out the undesirable, while also using a good moisture concealer to cover is the way to go.

Hereditary dark circles are that of the underlying pigment within the skin that you have no matter what. These tend to run in certain ethnic groups more than others. No amount of sleep is going to correct these entirely. Although they can become darker as with the same methods as the occasional ones. Hereditary ones are a life quest of getting them lightened for most who suffer with these. I suggest using a brightening agent, to help with pigment deposits, a retinol to keep the cell turn over fresh, peptides to stimulate, and a concealer to take away the last of the discoloring.

But for most of us it is, Aging at work dark circles, these are continuous and wont go away by diet alone. As we age the fat pad under the eye thins, allowing blood vessels underneath to show through. Moreover, as we age, the blood flow to the skin beneath the eye becomes sluggish, further increasing the darkness in the eye area. We need to brighten, stimulate, hydrate, keep the skin fresh with out getting the eyes puffy in the process. A good peptide treatment for the eye area that will hydrate as well brighten is a necessity and a concealer to finish off the last of the brightening process.

How to apply eye gels and creams.
Dab on tips of ring fingers and take from the inner under corner and dab out, going all the way around the orbital, just under the brow, to meet where you started. Keep the touch light and dab into, with a easy touch pressing motion. Some treatments come with a rollerball that presses and spreads with a light cool touch, you don't want to tug at the eye area.
Concealer can go on in the same way, or with a brush to get close to the lash line. never use too much pressure and tug at the skin under the eye. Make sure you get into the inner corner shadow area and under the brow bone for that awake look.