Sunday, February 5, 2017


What do antioxidants do...
Antioxidants reduce free radical damage. 

Free Radical Damage occurs on a molecular unseen level, but is is one of the most destructive internal processes that cause aging.

What makes them so destructive? 
Molecules are made up of atoms and a single atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.
These electrons need to be in pairs to function correctly. When there is an oxygen chemical reaction and one of the electrons is lost, the other becomes a free radical and causes mutation and damage to the DNA. Which in turnes causes the skin not to be able to generate healthy new collagen, and causes malformed cells and slows the skin's ability to heal.

Antioxidants can slow or reduce free radical damage by filling in a replacement for the missing electron, but loose potency in oxygen and light therefor must be reapplied consistently, as well as be in correct light tight packaging from the start. 
Some antioxidants with the highest beneficial potential include, Alpha lipoic acid, beta glucan, coQ10, grape seed extract, green tea, soybean, and vitamins C and E.