Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Feel Your Color Emotion !

Color and emotion is so true, and how it can influence your mood in no time at all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Achieve Fantastic Looking Hair Color

  1. Make it look natural, like you were born with it. 
  2. Stay away from a solid heavy color, color with more dimension looks more real. 
  3. Hair is made up of many low and hi-lights artificial hair color should reflect this. 
  4. Keep some lighter around the face, a brightening to the face, and naturally hair is darker by the nape of the neck. 
  5. Don't go more than two shades from your natural color as a base, if you go more than that it tends to look like you could not grow it on your own. 
  6. Healthy hair is shiny and has a reflective quality. 
  7. No real hair color is perfect, it should flow even but not be strand for strand even on all sides.

Monday, February 13, 2017

I Want a Stylish Life

Tricks to a Stylish Life
Lazy and Sloppy NO More!

  1. Try to use your best things on a daily basis.
      Saving things for later doesn't work for later rarely comes.
  2. Buy the best quality that you can afford.
      Skip the quantity, a lot of the time it's just more, and not all that good.
  3. Buy only what you need.
      Make yourself wait a day to buy something, and skip the impulse buy.
  4. Lets bring back some formality.
      A greeting, a handwritten letter or even holding the door for someone, can make there day.
  5. Overdress rather than under dress to events.
      Casual can be sloppy and lazy. You want to honor the People for the celebration.
  6. Get a positive attitude for food and enjoy it.
      Treat food as a pleasure, and pleasure is not fast food.
  7. Skip snacking and the calories with it. Have meal times and stick to them.
      How eloquent can you look shoveling in a bag of chips at midnight?
  8. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, or walk to the store rather than drive, everyday.
       Building in your exercise with your daily routine cuts down on time at the gym.
  9.  Fill your downtime with things other than TV.
       So many things to see and do, and then there is other things to talk about.
 10. Clean out your closet, get rid of all ill-fitting or unflattering things.
       If you don't love it, it should go.
 11. Don't wear damaged items, get rid of them.
       Check all angles, sometimes there is a rip at the back end that we may not notice.
 12. Wear things that make you perceived the right way and of who you are.
       Choose your clothing to reflect you in the best light and for what you do daily.
 13. Match your makeup and hair to your style and time you are willing to spend doing it.
       If you don't have an hour to work on yourself every morning, your hair style and make-up
       choice should not be a style that dictates that.
 14. Put yourself together everyday, even the stay in days.
       Simplify your routine, yet it should convey effortless confidence. You alone are worth it!
 15. Your skin care routine for body and face should be one of your most important routines.
       Perfect skin is a sign of health and of being well kept, no make-up can hide everything.
 16. Never sneak out un-presentable.
       The day you do, will be the day five people you know will be at the grocery store.
 17. Don't allow yourself to be lax in your routine to be presentable.
       Everyday a simple routine brightens your mood, and makes you ready at a moments
 18. Skip the frumpy even when your home alone.
       You are worth all of it.
 19. If you bought the clothing item, wear it, or get rid of it.
       Unload the whoops I bought and its not me, or I never lost the weight clothing.
 20. Use the good dishes on a regular basis.
       Presentation of the food is a step up in the luxury and satisfaction of the food.
 21. Use good posture.
       To slump is sloppy.
 22. De-clutter your home, of all the clutter.
       Anything you don't love or that is out of place is clutter, who is happy surrounded by 
 23. You should never be embarrassed of how your home looks, ever.
       Keep it up to a level, all the time.
 24. Pick up the icky right away.
       You don't need to look at it again and deal with it.
 25. Make a shopping list for all that you need.
       Don't get anything not on the list. You don't need to keep up with the Jones.
 26. Be yourself, just don't tell your business to everyone.
       It is OK that not everyone you know or meet knows all about you.
 27. Silence is good, listen to others.
       Awkward silence is not a bad thing, get comfortable in it.
 28. Get your kicks out of unpredictable conversations.
       Talk about anything that is not your life story.
 29. Don't ask people what they do for a living it is impolite.
       That is like asking for there tax return and how much they make.
 30. Skip the gossip on others.
       It is cheapening to your character.
 31. Take the compliment, and just say thank you.
       Be proud to get a compliment, stay away from shooting it down.
 32. Don't underplay your accomplishments.
       But skip bragging.
 33. Not all conversations need to have a grand substance to them.
       Sometimes the simplest of conversations can go far in a calm satisfying day.
 34. Remember nobody wants to listen to only your crap all the time, even your closest 
       Mix it up, its not always about you.
 35. Play some music to get your mood lifted.
       Changing the station, can change your mood.
 36. Even with your significant other, stop sharing some of the tooth brushing, eyebrow 
       plucking, and other maintenance things, and keeping those to yourself.
       Your just always that wonderful looking, can help keep some intrigue alive.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Alternative Fast Clean Hair

Tip / Trick... The Day After - Alternative Fast Clean Hair

Running late, 

need to freshen your locks with no time for a wash.

For Oily Hair or Hair that Needs a Lift-
Try using a sprinkle of baby powder or corn starch on your hands, rub them together, turn your head upside down and work from scalp to ends. This will add volume, take up extra oils and give the hair a fresh appearance and smell. Most dry-shampoo's on the market use these in there formulas.

For Dry Hair or extra Curl Control-
Use a natural hair oil, a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and work from ends to scalp. The fresh sent will last all day, control the frizz and not to mention you just moisturized your hands as well.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tame Fly-away Hairs

Tip / Trick... For Those Tiny Hair Line Fly-Away Hairs.

To fix this try spraying a Small tooth comb or even a tooth brush (designated for this only) with a tiny bit of hair spray and push into place with the teeth or bristles. The smaller brush or comb wont grab the other hairs and will smooth down those tiny hair line fly-aways. A Rat-tail Comb is always good for this as well pushing those hairs into place with a tiny bit of spray applied. This same technique helps with the fly-away short hairs where you make your parting.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Fake Bob

Tip / Trick...The Fake Bob- long hair to short bob for a night.

Brush long hair out straight to the back and elastic band about one to two inches from the bottom.

Take the elastic band part and pull under to just above the nape of your neck, pin in place.

Spread hair out some to the ears and spray, instant bob for the night!

You can let some pieces hang out for a tasseled look.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Fast Waves For the Day

Tip / Trick.... For fast wavy hair the next day!

Wash your hair the night before, add in a light to medium styling product.
Tie up your hair in a bun, or use clips to scrunch the hair.
Place clips or bun high on the head for easy sleeping.
Take out clips or bun, turn head upside down and finish any drying with a blow dryer from the back.
Brush or pick from the underneath as well.
Upright yourself and finger comb it into place.
Waves for the day!

This method of tying up the hair can be used to control tangles and curly hair as well, for an easy morning.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What Hair Tools do I Need?

Your Needed Tools for Glamour Hair 

Hot Tools
The Blow Dryer -
This is the most used tool, worth the investment you make. The Proper dryer can cut drying time, save your hair from extra heat as well as add shine.
Look for a dryer with at least 1800 watts of output or more, with a tourmaline or ceramic (covers the heating coils and adds a layer of protection against heat damage), and don't forget the ionic (pulls the water out faster, flattens the cuticle and adds more shine).

Curling Iron/ Flat Iron-
Get some special effects, also great for touching up a day after style or air dried hair.
Both a curling iron ( pulling through hair rather than winding around for a straightening effect) and a flat iron (twist the iron and wrap the hair, like curling a ribbon with scissor motion, for curl) can straighten or curl the hair with high heat. Don't skimp, go for one with a ceramic coating and a setting for heat to adjust for your hair type (thinner hair needs less heat than courser hair).

Brushes to have 
Paddle Brush- A fabulous detangler and to use prior to washing to take out some extra product. Blow-dry with a paddle brush to take out at least 50% of the wetness prior to using a round brush.
Go for a nylon type that wont pull at the hair with ventilation slots to aid in the drying process.

Round Brush- 
Nylon bristles grab the hair best when blowdrying, let the brush heat up from the blowdryer to smooth or curl the hair. A ceramic coating will help with heat prevention and keep the cuticle of the hair down causing less frizziness. The most used size is a 1 - 2 inch in diameter, but if you have short hair you may want to stay on the smaller side, and longer hair on the larger side so that the hair wraps easily without getting knotted around the brush.

Smoothing Brush- 
Used on dry hair always, to smooth out the hair as well as spread your natural oils from your scalp throughout the hair adding shine. The Smoothing brush is combination of synthetic stiff bristles and natural boar usually on a wood or plastic base. Great to use after a blow dry for soft looking hair, or volume if you toss your head upside-down. Smoothing out top layer of teased hair with this brush works perfectly keeping a gloss look outside but not taking away your lift from teasing underneath.

Wide Tooth Comb- Great separating curls in a style as well as for detangling when hair is wet.

Fine Tooth Comb- For getting the hair completely tangle free, creating partings and after applying a styling product in wet hair to make sure its evenly distributed.

Teasing Comb- Made up of off-set teeth on the comb with moderate spacing. Use it to back comb hair one or two inches from scalp to add volume.

Don't forget
A few hair clips to separate hair and get out of your way, bobby pins to tuck and place, hair bands to tie it up, and a few barrette types to place for a look here and there.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Skinny On Tops

The Skinny Top

As a general rule the most universally flattering top is a V-neck, 3/4 sleeve, fine fabric with a heavy weight to it, that skims your figure and ends about to the top of your hip.
Another slimming suggestion is that the wider you are in your shoulders or bust, the less fabric you should have in your neckline, try not to crop above your hips, and choose a heavy gauge fabric to glide over your body, rather than a thin fabric that may fall into folds.

Here is some slimming and body balancing guidelines on the rest of the necklines out there:

A Strapless top -
Great if you do not need a lot of support from a bra and they still defy gravity, also it can make your arms look good, taking the attention off of them leaving them bare and streamlined. Wide shoulders can hold this well.
V-neck -
Flattering on most figures with slimming effects. A deep v-neck can minimize a large bust.
Spaghetti-Strap Tank -
If you have great arms, and an average to smaller bust, this can make the eye slim you with its up and down effect.
Mandarin Collars -
Petite and small shoulders look great in these.
Collared Shirt -
Most figures look great in this, especially when the collar is popped up to elongate the neck and shadow the jawline nicely. Go bigger on collar with a bigger bust.
Boat neck-
Slim shoulders and small upper bodies look lovely in this style, it can help to offset wider hips.
Cowl-Neck -
Is lovely on slender upper bodies with a smaller bust. Adds volume to the upper body, and can help to balance a heavy lower body.
Scoop-Neck -
Gives a lovely roundness to the chest area, and works for all Bust sizes.
A long neck can pull this off well, can hide a thick neck.
Round T-shirt Neck-
Can be worn by all, does not amplify or reduce the appearance of the bust, keep it skimming the body in a heavy gauge fabric. Stay away from the ultra thin t's out there.

Flattering yourself with the right neckline and balance on your body, 
will attract and get the attention your face deserves.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Causes of Dark Circles and the Remedy...

Are YOU Hounded by Dark Circles?
There are three types of dark circles. The ones that we occasionally get,  hereditary, and simply a sign of the aging process at work.

Causes of Dark Circles and the Remedy...

Occasional dark circles are usually, from simple factors such as lack of sleep, dehydration, allergy, or too much consumption of certain substances, such as caffeine and alcohol. These dark circles are temporary and can be remedied simple altering our intake or some sleep and hydrating of the under eye area. Use a moisture eye treatment with peptides to stimulate the blood flow and clear out the undesirable, while also using a good moisture concealer to cover is the way to go.

Hereditary dark circles are that of the underlying pigment within the skin that you have no matter what. These tend to run in certain ethnic groups more than others. No amount of sleep is going to correct these entirely. Although they can become darker as with the same methods as the occasional ones. Hereditary ones are a life quest of getting them lightened for most who suffer with these. I suggest using a brightening agent, to help with pigment deposits, a retinol to keep the cell turn over fresh, peptides to stimulate, and a concealer to take away the last of the discoloring.

But for most of us it is, Aging at work dark circles, these are continuous and wont go away by diet alone. As we age the fat pad under the eye thins, allowing blood vessels underneath to show through. Moreover, as we age, the blood flow to the skin beneath the eye becomes sluggish, further increasing the darkness in the eye area. We need to brighten, stimulate, hydrate, keep the skin fresh with out getting the eyes puffy in the process. A good peptide treatment for the eye area that will hydrate as well brighten is a necessity and a concealer to finish off the last of the brightening process.

How to apply eye gels and creams.
Dab on tips of ring fingers and take from the inner under corner and dab out, going all the way around the orbital, just under the brow, to meet where you started. Keep the touch light and dab into, with a easy touch pressing motion. Some treatments come with a rollerball that presses and spreads with a light cool touch, you don't want to tug at the eye area.
Concealer can go on in the same way, or with a brush to get close to the lash line. never use too much pressure and tug at the skin under the eye. Make sure you get into the inner corner shadow area and under the brow bone for that awake look.